Member Onboarding


The indie journalism group I co-founded was an amateur group — an unincorporated collective. But don't assume we conducted business in a willy-nilly fashion. It was all-the-more important that some processes were rigidly defined in order to maximize efficiency.

I developed business processes in areas such as membership management, group affairs, production scheduling, meeting scheduling & funding acquisition.

ROLE(S): Producer

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The Problem

I could describe what it's like to manage a loose affiliation of stubborn and determined reporters as herding cats. Nearly every area of the organization was challenging. But the challenge of deciding who could join our ranks rose to the level of Problem.

Who would want to work without compensation or benefits?

Who could be trusted not to leak internal communications?

Who's a talented investigator or journalist?

Here's a brief animatic overview of how a member went from nomination through onboarding.

Onboarding: Nomination

Onboarding: Prospect Questionnaire

When considering new members, factors such as their skill-sets and commitment to the work were key to our deliberation. Not to mention the value of that information when assigning duties and responsibilities. Although it was never implemented, here's a PDF form that I designed to capture that very specific information.