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National Match Play

A national golf tournament based on the match play format. I provide consulting, marcom & other services. Now, if I only played golf ;-)


National Match Play is a new amateur golf tournament based on the match play format. Like many start-ups, this one is the passion project of a single individual with a good idea and determination.

I was contracted to provide a mix of marketing communications & administrative services. The work is a good fit after my return to the Bay Area to re-boot my career.

TIMELINE: DEC 2021 - Ongoing
ORG: National Match Play, Inc.
ROLE(S): Contractor

Adobe XD
Adobe Photoshop
Google Optimize
Google Sheets
Google Forms

Marketing National Match Play

Match Play is the alternative to Stroke Play, and a growing trend among amateur, and even professional golfers. National Match Play is poised to take advantage of this through growing brand awareness.

The Brand

So much of the marketing & promotion of the tournament relies on a sound and recognizable brand.

Domain Name
The domain name mirrors the business name, beautifully & simply.

Color Scheme

The founder is American. What better scheme than primary red, white & blue?
National Match Play Logo

Tag Line

A Ryder Cup-esque Experience for Everyman!
The tag invokes a high profile event sharing the match play format,
NMP Swag Assortment

Marketing Swag

Many top quality swag items have been produced & given away, golf shirts, balls, mugs, towels etc.

National Tournament Map

Using a proprietary golf course service management and mapping software, I was tasked with plotting a tournament area map, shown below. Players sign up to compete representing their home course in a given area and region.

Tournament Map

Print Collateral

An 8 " x 11" flyer was needed to distribute at golf courses around the country. The company wanted to use specific models in the design. I developed toto shoot plan and took the photos

Everything was so well set up, all 4 models were shot in less than 20 minutes.

Photo Shoot Plan

The Project

National Match Play
Client is establishing a nation golf tournament organization. It is 2-man best ball match play ala the Ryder Cup. As a means to advertise the tournament/organization at golf venues nationwide, a flyer is being created. Photos are needed for this flyer & for future purposes TBD.

Key Contacts

Principle Email: xxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxx
Office: (XXX) XXX-XXXX
Mobile: (XXX) XXX-XXXX
Peter Klein –
Photographer / Shoot Director
Mobile: (502)319-0598

The Shoot

3/27/2022 – 11:00 AM
(5th driveway on the right / ear right when you pull in & go up the hill)


  • Peter arrives at 10:00 / Meets parties on site
  • Load in all equipment
  • Determine electrical needs & cabling
  • Set up backdrop
  • Set up lighting
  • Set up camera & remote
  • Take test shots for first setup
  • All Subjects arrive
  • Communicate process to subjects
  • Take all photos on shot list
  • Confirm photo data
  • Dismiss subjects
  • Break down equipment
  • Load out all equipment

Direction / Inspiration

two teams squaring off, facing each other like at a boxing pre-match showdown, Each with their golf hats on backwards nose to nose, each wearing eye black (maybe one holding a white flag)
Friendly Match? I don't think so.
Game On!
Let's Roll!
Golf is Life! No Sandbaggers
A Ryder Cup experience for Everyman
Ryder Cup-esque & President's Cup-esque experience

Shot List

Face-off images w/2 subjects facing left, 2 facing right
Casual portrait (various poses) with golf club

Call Sheet





1 other TBD

Gear List

2 Softboxes
2 Umbrella Reflectors
Backdrop Frame
Black backdrop
Green Backdrop
White Backdrop
Overhead light stand
4 LED Bulbs
LED Remote Control
2 AAA Batteries
Main Camera Tripod
Main Camera / Canon EOS T7
55mm Camera Lens
Camera Battery
Mobile Phone w/Canon App
15’ Extension Cord
8 outlet Power Unit

Below are sample images that culminated in the 2-sided promotional flyer for the 2023 tournament.